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God's Lessons

At The 2010 Chilean Mine Rescue

by Peter Walton

33 miners trapped 2400 feet below the Atacama Desert in Northern Chile for 69 days in 2010 and the hundreds of rescuers working 24 hours each day all believed that it was God’s hand that brought these men to the surface. The details of the rescue and the details of their prayers and praise to God are what this book is about.

It was by God’s hand that the rescuers continued drilling until contact was made day 17. It was by God’s hand that a rare rainstorm occurred just a few days before the day 17 contact was made in this the driest desert on earth. This created a flowering desert which gave the rescuers and family members on site hope.

It was by God’s hand that the NASA officials on site for the rescue could view the night sky in a place where astronomers come from all over the world due to the clarity of vision in this desolation. The Epilogue of this book details God’s hand in the rescue of 18 miners trapped underground at the Quecreek Mine in Somerset, Pennsylvania in July of 2002.

9 of the men were trapped for 3 ½ days. At one point the water raised up to their necks until the massive pumping effort with massive machinery started to reduce the level. It was by God’s hand that one of the drilling companies at Quecreek, sent two men and the drill to Chile to assist the rescue effort there.

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