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God on the Move in Lancaster, Pa

God on the Move in Lancaster, Pa

by Peter Walton

This book summarizes twenty-six church services that were attended in Lancaster city and county; in York county, where our home church is located; and two were in Pittsburgh two hundred and fifty miles west of our home in Lancaster. Eight of the summaries are for our home church, Gateway Church International. Four of the summaries are for the Worship Center in Leola, a church built on singing praises to our Creator. Six summaries are for three of the nineteen Lives Changed By Christ campuses. The basic format of the summaries is to detail the worship songs done during the service providing up to eight lines of lyrics for many of these songs. Then to detail the sermon, especially the specific bible verses referenced. Sometimes there were special events like baptisms. On a Wednesday night gathering we were blessed to see the movie ‘Before the Wrath.’ You will see little personal data here. All credit goes to the Great I Am for this book, God on the Move in Lancaster, PA, as well as for my four other Christian books: Why Jesus Returned; God’s Children Step Forth; God’s Lessons at the 2010 Chilean Mine Rescue; and God the Creator of Science, Technology and the U.S. Coast Guard.

You can see more details at my website www.pwaltontrinity.com

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